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Photos From The Past

If you have any photos of Our Lady Of Loretto or any of the stores or
 landmarks from the old neighborhood, please send me the photos and
I will add them to this page.
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The Knish Man
Ruby Oshinsky
Born January 3, 1917
Died October 9, 1987

The best homemade Knishes in the world
The original Carlucci's Restaurant
1845 Eastern Parkway
1950 thru 1977

Owners of Carlucci's
Anthony V. Bilardi & Elvera Bilardi
Son Carl is on the left
Our Lady of Loreto Rectory
Pacific St. & Sackman St.
Molinari Funeral Home on the left, Loretto on the right.

Pacific St. & Junius St.

Our Lady of Loretto School

Our Lady of Loretto School
Demolition in progress
Photo taken May 29, 2007

The Remains of Loretto School
Our Lady of Loretto Church, Rectory and Convent
Pacific St. & Sackman St.
Former site of Zollo's Luncheonette
Marino's Grocery Store     Mid 1930
1684 East New York Ave off Sackman St.
Original Matchbook From Tex's Restaurant
2352 Atlantic ave.
Atlantic Ave & Eastern Pkwy. Photo taken in 1940
Before the construction of the Atlantic Ave Viaduct.



Atlantic Ave. & Eastern Parkway 1954
Looking West towards Rockaway Ave.

Current photo of Atlantic Ave & Eastern Pkwy

Molinari Funeral Home
Miranda Beer Distributors
2451 Dean St.

Rossi Pharmacy
1906 Eastern Pkwy

2416 - 2414 - 2412 Pacific St.  

2408 - 2406 - 2404 Pacific St.
138 Sackman St.
The Italian American Civil Rights League
Our Lady of Loreto
Powell St. off Liberty Ave.
1896 - 1908

Atlantic Ave. & Sackman St. 1930

Giorgianni Pharmacy 1942
2272 Pacific St. off Easterm Pkway

Mrs. Ersilia Giorgianni with her dog Tripoli

Highland Park

Indian Bridge, Highland Park

 East New York Ave. & Bergen St.
Condos have been built on this site.
East New York Ave. & Stone Ave. 1954
Before the construction of the Howard Houses
The infamous Midnight Rose's candy store.
Livonia and Saratoga Ave. Headquarters of Murder Inc.
House of the Good Shepherd
Hopkinson Ave. & Pacific St.
Bilello's Bakery Delivery Truck 1950s
2271 Pacific St.  
Stone Ave. & Sumpter St. 1941

Monaco Pl. & Herkimer St. 1936

Callahan & Kelly Park
Bounded by Fulton St. & Truxton St.
Van Sinderen Ave. & Eastern Pkwy.
The park was named after two local soldiers who died
in World War 1. William E. Callahan and Edward E. Kelly

In 1956 the Fulton St. elevated railway was demolish.
Monaco Pl. & Atlantic Ave. 1940

 Lutheran Hospital and Dispensary, 1940
East New York Ave. and Junius Street.


Diana Coal Oil
Atlantic Ave. & Conduit Blvd
1955 -1981
 Recently demolished
Courtesy of Frank Jump http://fadingad.wordpress.com
McConnell Slate Company
East New York Ave. & Pacific St. (Near Junius St.)
The present entrance of the LIRR
East New York station Jamaica-bound 
Atlantic Ave & Van Siclen Ave.



LIRR Ticket Window Under East New York Station

Atlantic Ave. Viaduct 

LIRR East New York Station
Atlantic Ave & Van Siclen Ave.



Yellow Auto Supplies
2533 Atlantic Ave. off Williams Ave
PS 155
1355 Herkimer Street
Under Construction in 1908

Current Photo
PS 155
1355 Herkimer Street

Howard Ave. & Eastern Pkwy.

White Castle
Atlantic Ave & Highland PL.
Opened in 1955
 Carvel Ice Cream
Atlantic Ave & Highland PL.
Atlantic Ave & Georgia Ave.
Jimmy's Diner
2592 Atlantic Ave.  Coner of Georgia Ave.
Loew's Pitkin Theatre 
Pitkin Ave & Legion Street

Belmont Ave. Puchcart Market
Sackman St & Pitkin Ave.  1965

Pitkin Ave. & Christopher Ave. 1964

The Kishke King 
1711 Pitkin Ave.
Pietro LaBarbera Grocery   (Mid 1930)
177 Rockaway Ave.
Ariola Bakery
143 Rockaway Ave.
Between Herkmer & Fulton St.
Mrs Maxwell's Bakery
2700 Atlantic Ave.
1930 Photo of Atlantic Ave. looking East from Wiliams Ave.
NYPD 73rd Pct Police Car
1968 Plymouth Fury
The 73rd Pct
East New York Ave. & Rockaway Ave.
Brownsville Boys Club
Stone Ave. & Liberty Ave.
 Pitkin Ave. & Rockaway Ave. 1965
St. Michael's School
237 Jerome St. Off Liberty Ave.
St. Michael's Chapel
Piel's Brewery Delivery Truck
315 Liberty Ave.
Founded in 1883 by the Pies Brothers
Our Lady of Lourdes
DeSales Pl.
The RKO Bushwick Theatre
Broadway & Howard Ave
Opened on September 11, 1911 - Closed in 1969
Unity Hospital
1545 St. John�s Place, Brooklyn, NY
Opened in 1924 Closed in 1978
Trommer's Restaurant & Brewery. Bushwick Ave. and Conway St.
Home of Trommer's white Label Beer
Sold to the Piel Brothers in 1951


Aerial photo of Betsy Head Pool
Bounded by Livonia, Dumont,
Hopkinson and Blake Aves
East New York Savings Bank
Stone Ave. & Pitkin Ave.
Rare 1923 Photo of Atlantic Ave. looking West from Sackman St.
Brownsville Public Library
581 Stone Ave. and Dumont Ave.
The Brownsville Puplic Library
61 Glenmore Ave
East New York Ave. Underpass
Our Lady of Loretto in the backround
In 1943 Atlantic Ave. was elevated above the LIRR East New York Station.
Atlantic Ave. & Junius St.
H. Fox & Co. Inc
146 Thatford Ave.
Makers of U-bet Syrup
Sackman St & Glemnore Ave.
BMT "L" Line
Atlantic Ave. Station
Russian Orthodox Church
Pennsylvania Ave & Glenmore Ave.
St. Clements Church
Pennsylvania Ave & Liberity Ave.
Herkmer St. & Sackman St.
Broadway Junction Subway Station
Fulton St. & Van Sinderen Ave.
William H. Maxwell High School
145 Pennsylvania Avenue
ENY Bus Depot
Jamicia Ave. & Alabama Ave. 
570 Jamaica Avenue
ENY Savings Bank 1938
Pennsylvania and Atlantic Ave.
Coney Island Joe's Hot Dogs
Linden Blvd & Stone Ave.
Franklin K Lane High School
Fulton St & Rockaway Ave.  1942
TSS Store on Linden Blvd.
Harry Houdini's Gravesite (With Bust)
Machpelh Cemetery, Cypress Hills, NY
The original Bust was stolen in 1975
It was replaced and stolen again in 1983
The Men of the Pacific Street Social Club.
This is a Must Have book with great authentic
Italian recipes and neighborhood memorabilia.
Did you know???
East New York was developed by John R. Pitkin. A Connecticut
merchant who visualized it as a great city rivaling New York.
John R. Pitkin bought a large plot of land in 1835 as a speculativ

venture, and named it "East New York" under the belief that this
would become the eastern edge of the great city. The scheme failed
during the depression of 1837, but the name stuck and East New York was born.
By the 1930s, the residents were chiefly Italians, Jewish, Germans, and Russians
who moved in from Brownsville, Bushwick, and other nearby crowded localities.
Eastern Parkway. Brooklyn. NY
Eastern Parkway was the world's first six-lane highway.
It was completed in 1874
Outside The Neighborhood
Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY
Bedford Avenue is the longest street in Brooklyn. Stretching 10.2 miles
and 132 blocks from Greenpoint south to Sheepshead Bay.
Paramount Theater
DeKalb and Flatbush
Van Wyck Lanes
132-40 Metropolitan Ave.
Richmond Hill, NY
Opened in 1960 - Closed in 1988
Junior's Restaurant
DeKalb and Flatbush Ave
The best cheesecake in New York
Freedomland Amusement Park
Freedomland was a short-lived amusement
park in the Baychester area of The Bronx.
Opened June 19, 1960. It closed in the 1964
season when it failed to make a profit.
Co-op City now stands in it's place.
                                                    The Freedomland Jingle
Mommy and Daddy take my hand......
                                                              take me out to Freedomland.
 Lundy Brothers seafood restaurant
 Emmons Avenue, 1946
Sunrise Drive-In Theater
Sunrise Highway, Valley Stream, NY
Opened in1938
 Williamsburg Savings Bank
1 Hanson Pl. Brooklyn,
Tallest building in Brooklyn
The New York Daily Mirror
Published In 1924
 In 1938 the Cost was 2 cents
Empire Roller Rink
200 Empire Blvd
Utica Joe's Hot dog stand
Farragut Rd and Utica Ave
 Truck Ride
The Whip
Truck Ride
Half Moon
 Idlewild Airport
The airport was renamed John F. Kennedy
International Airport in 1963, one month after
the assassination of President Kennedy.
 Rockaway Playland
Rockaway Beach, NY
Opened in 1901 Closed in 1986
Chocolate Egg Cream
The Egg Cream was created in
1890 by a Brooklyn candy shop
owner name Louis Auster
 The Elmhurst Gas Tanks
57th Ave and Grand Ave
Built in 1910 and 1921.
Demolished in 2001
 Anthony's Hospital
89-15 Woodhaven Blvd
 Silvercup Bread
34-02 Starr Ave. Long Island City
 Palisades Amusement Park was located
in Cliffside Park and Fort Lee, NJ.
Opened 1898 - Closed 1971
Bungalow Bar Ice Cream
21 Garfield Pl. Brooklyn
Birthplace of Al Capone
Domino Sugar
Kent Avenue off South 1st Street.
Floyd Bennett Field
 New York City's first Municipal Airport
Opened in 1931
Doo Wop
With Wolfman Jack
Born in Brooklyn, NY
Jan. 1938 - July 1995
Wolfman's real name
Robert Smith
 New York
New York received it's name in 1665 after the English seized it from the Dutch
and renamed it in honor of James, the Duke of York and brother of King Charles II.
New York achieved statehood in 1788, as the 11th State in the United States of America.
More photos coming soon.

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