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Sign up for the next "Friends of E.N.Y." Reunion
Send us your name, address and phone number to be notified of the next reunion.
If you have relocated since the last reunion (March 22, 2009), please update your mailing address.
Dominick Mondelli (Donny)
Come join us at the next reunion.
See your old friends & classmates and have a great time.
If you remember any of these landmarks from the old neighborhood, then you
should put on your party hat and come celebrate a most memorable reunion.
The Cow Store
Cactus Pool Room
Casano Grocery
Mr. Lorenzo's Lemon Ice
Tex's Pizza
Carlucci's Restaurant
Piccolo's Chicken Market
Pelligrino's Bakery
Excelsior"s Bakery
Rossi Pharmacy
Miranda's Beer Dist.
Jay's Cleaners
Molinari's Funeral Home
Misty's Beauty Salon
Stewart's Hardware
Zollo's Luncheonette
Giordano's Funeral Home
Socco's Grocery
Pete's Candy Store
Ann's Beauty Solon
Campanelli Liquor Store
John Varricchio's Butcher
Antonelli Funeral Home
Eastern Parkway Studios
Acme Auto Repair
The Knights of Columbus
Colonial Bakery
Tony's Barber
Sam The Chrome King
Vinny's Butcher
Asti Bakery
Fulton St. & Rockaway Ave.
Pep's Bar
Latuga Lumber
Varricchio's Grocery (Tex)
Parkway Meat Market
Marino's Grocery
Curly's Cleaners
Triple B Bar (BBB)
PS 155
Bingo at Our Lady of Loretto Church
Lutheran Hospital                             
The 73rd Pct.
Spinners Grocery
Callahan & Kelly Park
Ruby The knish Man
Sam Volpe's Fruit and Vegatable
Edmund's Pork Store
Bilello's Bakery
Sammy's Giordano's Florist
Parkway Beer Distributors
Roma Fulton Studios
Atlantic Barber Shop
Capobanco Travel Bureau
Patsy Ostuni Cleaners
Abbondandolo & Son Contractors
Tony's Lounge
Don Bosco Center
Sasso's Bakery
Pat DeVitto's Grocery
DeBenedetto's Deli
G&P Meats (Pete The Butcher)
Maggie Ann's Bar
We currently have over 1,100 people on the reunion list.
Reunion Notification List
The following people have requested to post
their names and be notified of the next reunion.

Barbara Anne Lepak (Pascucci)
From 1279 Herkimer St.

Donny Tufarelli
From 2220 Pacific St.

Frank Vignola
From 2451 Dean St.

Frank DeStefano
From 156 Junius St.

Dora Papa
From 1926 Eastern Pkwy

Nick Favillo
From 2414 Pacific St.

Carmella Contello  (Ce Ce)
From 2370 Pacific St.

Carl Bilardi
From 1415 Herkimer St.

RoseAnn Ragno
From 2358 Pacific St.

Nicholas Vignola
From 2451 Dean St.

Michelle Applewhaite
From 1580 E.N.Y Ave.

Ellen DiStefano
From 1896 Eastern Pkwy

Carmine Luongo
From 1825 Pitkin Ave.

Marilyn Washer (Sasso)
From 259 Rockaway Ave.

Christina Pesa
From 177 Rockaway Ave.

Vincent Zaffuto
From 1451 Herkimer St.

Deborah DeMarzo
From 85A Sackman St.

John Camisa
From 217 Stone Ave.

Rachael Cantor
From 1828 Eastern Parkway

Teresa Terrasi
From 2319 Pacific St.

Susan Varricchio
From 1697 East New York Ave.

Diane Parisi
From 185 Sackman St.

Regina Bird
From 1580 E.N.Y. Ave.

Patricia Mazzei
From 2372 Pacific St.

Robert Giordano Jr.
From 2346 Pacific St.

Stephen Olmeda
From 2346 Atlantic Ave.

Theresa Stallone
From 2392 Pacific St.

Rose Civitello (Greco)
From 1701 ENY Ave.

Andrew D'Angelis (JuJu)
From 1709 E.N.Y. Ave.

Joseph Molinari
From 130 Sackman St.

Thomas Florez
From 1265 Herkimer St.

Ann Giardiello
From 2281 Pacific St.

Rose Mosera
From 2352 Pacific St.

Theresa Flammia
From 15 Gunther Pl.

Frank Pipola
From 30 Sherlock Pl.

Rosalina Calderon
From 186 Christopher Ave.

Jack Monti
From 2354 Atlantic Ave

Joann Vivirito (Buffolino)
From 1919 Eastern Pkwy

Antoinette Barandiaran (Toni)
From 2372 Pacific St.

Grace Ospedale
From 2162 Fulton St.

Alphonse Ianniello (Funzy)
From 26 Gunther Pl.

Michael Santangelo
From 2392 Pacific St.

Joseph Zollo
From 2296 Atlantic Ave.

Anthony Sasso
From 2145 Bergen St.
Frank DeCastro
From 279 Stone Ave

Lindsay DeCastro
From 279 Stone Ave.

Victor Goldsmith-Fucci
From 1715 E.N.Y Ave.

Carolyn Taylor (Vignola)
From 2451 Dean St.

Vincent O. Paragone
From 1863 Eastern Pkwy

Joyce P. Clarke
From 446 Blake Ave.

Madeline Agerenza
From 138 Sackman St.

Sheila Hambrick (Miller)
From 414 Sutter Ave

Rosetta Tirino
From 2370 Pacific St.

James Giordano
From 2436 Dean St.

Maria DiStefano
From 1896 Eastern Pkwy

Matthew Giordano Jr.
From 138 Sackman St.

Carmela Agerenza
From 138 Sackman St.

Mary Jo Agerenza
From 138 Sackman St.

Theresa Donzella
From 1829 E.N.Y Ave.

Gerard Pietrafesa
From 137 Sackman St.

Margaret Varricchio
From 21 Monaco Pl.

Clara Varricchio
From 21 Monaco Place

Pasquale Viggiano
From 2347 Pacific St.

Carl Marco
From 1480 Herkimer St.

Marie Petraglia
From 2621 Atlantic Ave.

Carol Susinno
From 2156 Bergen St.

Donna DeVitto
From 27 Sherlock Place

Carmela Violetta
From 1441 Herkimer St.

Gennaro Dicecilia (Jerry)
From 22 Gunther Pl.

Frances Bracolina
From 115 Hindsdale St.

Esther Famighetti
From 19 Monaco Place

Raeann Winters
From 2406 Pacific St.

Anthony Vignola
From 2451 Dean St.

Anthony D'Angelis
From 1709 E.N.Y. Ave.

Frances Vazquez
186 Christoper Ave.

Florencio (Lenny) Campello
From 134 Sackman St.

Anthony Pionegro (Pio)
From 1415 Herkimer St.

Marie Fornaro (Mosera)
From 2352 Pacific St.

Eleanor Giardiello
From 1829 E.N.Y Ave.

Carl Alfino
From 1386 Herkimer St.

John Greco
From 2370 Atlantic Ave.

Phil Pirozzi
From 2350 Atlantic Ave.

Debra Pascarella (Leo)
From 151 Sackman St.

August September (Augie)
From 2153 Bergan St.

Peter Santiago
From 2372 Pacific St.

Michell G. Barbera (Gagliolo)
From 2124 Fultion St.

Michael S. Panarese
From 2001 Fulton St.

Carmine Leone
From 2382 Dean St.

Charles Lorio
From 51 Georgia Ave.

Ernie Covino
From 2381 Dean St.

Marie Antonicci
From 227 Rockaway Ave

Maria Cocco
From 15 Monaco Pl

Sam Akyaz
From 2381 Dean St.

Genevieve Sciara (Perna)
From 95 Christopher Ave.

Donna Giordano
From 138 Sackman St.

Victoria Reggio
From 87 Rockaway Ave.

Peggy Schweizer (Del Grosso)
From 2151 Bergen St.

Sal Contello
From 2370 Pacific St.

Paul Giordano
From 138 Sackman St.

Mary DeVitto
From 27 Sherlock Pl.

Michele Minichiello
From 1405 Herkimer St.

Alma Savoia
From 1821 E.N.Y. Ave.

Alex Maio
From 1244 Herkimer St.

Bobby Hodge
From 138 Sackman St.

Vincent Greco
From 10 Gunther Place

Phylis (Philomena) Violetta
From 1441 Herkimer St.

Sal Capone
From 2236 Pacific St.

Angela Reggio
From 288 Sackman St.

Joan Mattia
From 204 McDougal St.

Jillian Miranda
From 2451 Dean St.

Salvatore DiBenedetto
From 2345 Pacific St.

Stephanie Bird
From 1058 E.N.Y Ave.

Joseph Lombardo
From 2286 Atlantic Ave.

Anne Weppler
From 419 Blake Ave.

Joan Lampman
From 1411 Herkimer St.

Sheila Miller
From 414 Sutter Ave.

Steve Marco
From 1480 Herkimer St.

Charles Diana
From 1691 ENY Ave.

Carmen DelValle
From 20 Sherlock Place

Richard Lecesse
From 270 Glenmore Ave

Mary Pietrafesa
From 137 Sackman St.

Tina Pietrafesa
From 137 Sackman St.

Thomas Pesa (Tommy)
From 177 Rockaway Ave.

Stephen Pampinella
From 2367 Dean St.

John Mahoney (Mickey)
From 191 Stone Ave.

Richard Gutierrez
From 2392 Pacific St.

Thomas Mahoney
From 191 Stone Ave.

Liz Giordano
From 2436 Dean St.

Pat Caporusso
From 2356 Pacific St

Robert Zagaria
From 215 Stone Ave.

Toni Somma
From 100 Rockaway Ave.

William Johnson (Bill)
From 1919 Eastern Parkway

Jean LiVecchi
From 2378 Pacific St

Veronica Wieland
From 273 Stone Ave

Mauro Maietta (Mario)
From 2349 Pacific St.

Maureen Barodin
From 17 Monaco Place

Philip Falzarano
From 1904 Eastern Parkway

Louis D'Agostino
From 2379 Atlantic Ave




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Dominick Mondelli (Donny)