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The children sang the Italian National Anthem and this photo was published in the Italian Newspaper.

Photo taken at the Don Basco center in 1964


Imbriani M.S. Society

               Thoses Identified are, From left to right (Adults) Dominick Lombardi, Meade Esposito,

               Shirley Weiner, Joseph Nigri , Ralph Pugliese, Ray Williams, Ladys-Unknown, Edmond Nigri,

               Ralph Gesuele, Prof. Salvatore Tocci, Louie Mondelli, Robert Giordano, Marchese DonVincenzo, 

               Alberti DiRosarias, The man with the bowtie is Unknown, and  Enzo Martinelli.


               (Not in order) (Kids) Peter Petrizzio, Joseph Papaccio, Lorenzo Pugliese, Margaret Pugliese,

               Elizabeth Mondelli, Patricia Mondelli, Donny Mondelli, Joey Mondelli, Ralph Pugliese and 

               Gira Viggiano. Some of the other kids are from the Williams Family.




From left to right. Father Barretta, Teresa Vignola, Father Casale

Father Iocini and Father Failla.  The man standing is unknown.





Left to right, Marty & Carmela Giordano, Rose Sodano, Rosie & Tony DeFalco

Paula & Patsy Marchese.  Front row, Stanley Molinari, Joey Molinari





Father Capobianco 1948





Fr. Capobianco





Father Felix celebrates his 50 years of priesthood.

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Biardi, Fr. Felix,  Anthony Biardi
and Anthony Pionegro (Pio) Carlucci's Restaurant







Our Lady of Loretto Choir
1964 World's Fair








                                           Seating left to right. Red Capone, Vinny Romano, Paulie Turco,

                                           Donny Tufarelli, Sally Capone all in black.

                                           Standing: Timmy Rennie and Tommy Bartolato





Left to right. Rocky Cocchiola, Phil Pirozzi, Joe Molinari, Jack Monti






Left to right, Jack Monti, Phil Pirozzi, Rocky Cocchiola, Joe Molinari





July 2006. Class of 1951 Reunion







Sister Mary Bosco 






Class of 1939





Class of 1941






Class of 1944







Class of 1946





Kindergarten Graduation Class of 1949







Class of 1951








Our Lady of Loretto Class A2.  1953







Kindergarten Graduation Class of 1953







Our Lady of Loretto Class of 1954

                 Donny Tufarelli, Vinny Romano, Vinny Galino, Cono Cirno, Nicholas Corozzo, John Venturella,
                 Bob Iannucci, Lenny Milo, Joe Artese, Carmine Martino, Philip Cantone, Ernest Troise,
                 Nicholas DeCicco, Mary Ann Diorio, Susan Sodino and Lucy Pagnozzi





Class of 1957






Our Lady of Loretto Class of 1958






Our Lady of Loretto Class of 1960






Class of 1960






Class of 1961




Our Lady of Loretto Class 1952








Our Lady of Loretto Knights 1963






Our Lady of Loretto Cadets 1960


 From left to right. Rocky DiNapoli, Bob Kurtz,
Sal Capone, Johnny Barrera, Lenny Delillo, Paul Turco






Loreto School Silver Anniversary






Sr. Mary Timothy and Sr. Mary Cabrini





Class of 1964





Class of 1964






Class of 1965





Class of  1965





Class of 1966




Class of 1966





Our Lady of Loretto

    Class of  1967      




Class of 1968

Here are the names of the girls in the bottom row of pictures, left to right:

Donna Miranda, Ann Marie La Porta, Josephine Roccaforte, Ruth Montes, Vernetta Olive,

Sandra Morales, Sophie Oborski, Diane Parisi, Joyce Buffolino, Linda Caporusso, Mary Ann Conti







Our Lady of Loretto

Class of 1969





Our Lady of Loretto

                                  Class of 1969                                  






Our Lady of Loretto

Class of 1970










Our Lady of Loretto

Class of 1971





Our Lady of Loretto

Class of 1971






Class of 1972





Class of 1973





Class of 1975





Class of 1976







1970 Class 5-2






Alter boys of 1969




On the Steps of Our Lady of Loretto

I believe the group is la Societa Immacolata Concezione.  Late 1930's

                              Top Left: Woman w/sunglasses, Angelina Gautieri. To her left,  Maria Cerreta Codella,

                              to her left Vincenza Della Badia; Tallest man on the top row Vincenzo Papa;

                              2nd Row from Top:  directly in front of Maria Cerreta Codella,  Elena (Frasca) Abate
                              1st Woman in the 3rd Row. Frances Mastropieri, directly behind Frances is Josephone

                              DiNapoli (maiden name); directly in front of Frances, Angelina Codella Vitale; left of

                              Angelina, her husband Alfonso Vitale

                              Middle Rows:  Man directly behind behind Padre Russo, Gaetano Codella (arm on priest)

                              to the left of Gaetano, Mike Galgano;  Man  behind Gaetano, Luigi Cestone; 3rd woman to

                              Luigi's left w/hat & glasses, Lucia Maffucci Rabasca.  Woman in front of Lucia to her right,

                              Lucy Scoca Rabasca (Fred Rabasca's mother);Woman directly behind Lucy,

                              Vincenza Quaranta; Woman slightly behind Lucia(to her right), Susan Scoca Toglia;

                              Man in front of Susan to her left (in 2nd Row), Padre Gandolfo. Woman  to Padre's left

                              (at the end, with hat), Margherita Del Re Lampariello(or Rose Galgano?); Frank Mastropieri

                              is the tall man with sash and carnation behind the priest..

                              Bottom Row 1st Man on the left, Carmine Telese,  Padre Russo, Tonny Codella,

                              Salvatore Fioravanti (Holding flag)

                              Some of the other people have been identified as: Teresa DiNapoli, Frances Matropieri,

                              Sal Fiorvanti, Sperduto, Frank Mastropieri, Frances Metallo, Rosa Galgano.  




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Dominick Mondelli (Donny)