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                  The Lord Is Our Shepherd                                                                                                In Loving Memory                    Psalim23                                                                                                                                                              Father Barretta 




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This website is dedicated to the Our Lady of Loreto Community.

Our Lady of Loreto is the foundation of our lives.
It is the place where we were Baptized, Married or had a funeral mass for our love ones
It is in every beat of our hearts.
It is where the soul of our deceased love ones live.
It is the magical place that we tell our grandchildren about.
It is the place where we made our First Holy Communion.

It is the place where we were blessed with Godparents.
It is the place where we opened our first book to prepare us for the journey of life.
It is the place where we confessed our sins.
It is the place where we prayed with our parents.
But most of all, it is the place we call Home.

Our Lady of Loreto Church in full 360 degree panorama.

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