February 18, 2015

 Welcome To Our Lady of Loreto

If you would like to add your Name and Email address for others to contact you,
then send your information to pi4dom@aol.com and I will add your name to the list. 

The Members list is sorted alphabetically by last name.
The Maiden names and Nicknames are in parenthesis.

Name  Email Address Old Address
Altruda, Angela folks@optonline.net 2347 Dean St.
Amaturo, Linda toots153@yahoo.com 2283 Pacific St.
Applewhaite, Michelle shelley1580@aol.com 1580 ENY Ave.
Barbatelli, Gary elrodcod@bellsouth.net 2232 Fulton St. 
Baldi, Angelo acb1ppl@aol.com 187 Sackman St.
Bilardi, Carl (Carlucci's)


1415 Herkimer St.
Bilello, Larry (Fr. Augustine) Blessed.Sacrament@benedictines.co.uk 2305A Pacific St.
Birriel, Yvonne yvonnebirriel@yahoo.com 134 Sackman St.
Buttner, Florence (Callegari)


1295 Herkimer St.
Capone, Pasquale, (Patty Lips) ccapone@optonline.net 2236 Pacific St.
Camisa, Barbara 217 Stone Ave.
Camisa, John recruiteng@cox.net 217 Stone Ave.
Ciervo, Madeline (Agerenza) myalex123@aol.com 138 Sackman St.
Cocchiola, Rocco (Rocky)


2348 Atlantic Ave.
Dado, Jerry jerrydado@gmail.com 26 Marconi Pl.
D'Angelis, Anthony (Tony) tony@classicprotection.com 2349 Atlantic Ave.
D'Angelo, Richard


275 Stone Ave.
Dellacroce, Carl 78 Somers St.
DiBenedetto, Salvatore (Sally Boy) gabzeex@optonline.net 2345 Pacific St.   
DiCaprio, Anthony


27 Sherlock Pl.
DiCiervo, Maria mdiciervo@aol.com 1296 Herkimer St.
DiMento, Joe joeanddolores@att.net 281 Stone Ave 
DeNicola, Carmine castwotone@aol.com 2402 Pacific St.
DeCastro, Frank phantomstrikes@bellsouth.net 279 Stone Ave.
DeCastro, Lindsayoceantemple@att.net279 Stone Ave.
Doyle, Margaret (Varricchio) Megthrifthylady@aol.com 21 Monaco Pl.
Falzarano, Philip P.Falzarano@pharmahealth.us 1904 Eastern Pkwy
Emanule, Margaret Duncan2246@aol.com 2218 Fulton St. 
Favillo, Nicholas


2414 Pacific St.   
Florio, Barbara (Cardino) BFlorio259@aol.com 131 Willians Ave.
Fulgieri, Dominic (Ducky) xboss5@aol.com 1451 Herkimer St.
Gampero, Phylis (Violetta)


1441 Herkimer St.
Giordano, Matthew Jr. giordanomv@gmail.com 138 Sackman St.
Giordano, Paul paul856@optonline.net 138 Sackman St.
Giardiello, Ann LOONEY6401@aol.com 2281 Pacific St.
Greco, John jgreco54@bellsouth.net 2370 Atlantic Ave.
Hodge, Billy  (Billy Brown) wjh730@aol.com 138 Sackman St.
Johnson, William (Bill)


1919 Eastern Pkwy
Kish, Joan (DeRespino) Jlkish25@aol.com 1311 Herkimer St.
Laurenzano, John jlaurenz@optonline.net 12 Jardine Pl. 
Lecesse, Richard rslsr749@aol.com 270 Glenmore Ave.
Leone, Carmine Carmine.M.Leone@usace.army.mil 2382 Dean St.
Lepak, Barbara (Pascucci) bap651@aol.com 1279 Herkimer St.
Lizzio, Salvatore (Sandy) slizzio@hotmail.com2349 Atlantic Ave.
Lombardo, Joseph (Junior)


2286 Atlantic Ave.
Masak, Catherine (Bivona) monte450@optonline.net 1919 Eastern Pkwy
Mondelli, Dominick (Donny) pi4dom@aol.com 1699 ENY Ave.
Mattia, Joan (Cardino) Tangerine92@aol.com 204 McDougal St.
Maietta, Mauro (Mario)


2349 Pacific St.
Marco, Stephen stephenmarco@hotmail.com 1480 Herkimer St.
Marenghi, Frank fmlirr@aol.com 2053 Atlantic Ave.
Martino. Michael (Mikey) muniman18@yahoo.com 98 Sackman St.
Monti, Jack 4monti@optonline.net 2354 Atlantic Ave.
Sanders, Grace (Marullo) graciepia@hotmail.com 2178 Fulton St. 
Olmeda, Steven solmeda@cfl.rr.com 2346 Atlantic Ave.
Ospedale, Grace 


2162 Fulton St. 
Papa, Dora dorapapa@aol.com 1926 Eastern Pkwy
Pappalardi, Eric rockaway142@aol.com 142 Rockaway Ave.
Pasqueralli, Johnnavy68727@Yahoo.com 2170 Atlantic Ave.
Pionegro, Anthony (Pio) Pio779@aol.com 1415 Herkimer St.
Pondillo. Pat (Patty Boy) Iluvland@aol.com 1300 Herkimer St.
Qureshi, MaryAnn (Salerno) pelham738@hotmail.com 84 Sackman St.
Razzano, Tony bruno@netsignia.net 144 Sackman St.
Rosa, Edgar eddoggz@gmail.com 2351 Pacific St. 
Rossi, Carmine carminerossi@earthlink.net 2307 Pacific St. 
Rossi, Thomas  (Tommy) tomdebinmaui@aol.com 1386 Herkimer St.
Samperisi, Cathy (Luberto)


3 Jardin Pl.
Scheppa, Michael


2044 Bergen St.
Sciara, Genevieve (Perna) ruffles1@optonline.net 56 Powell St
Scotto, Mauree (Barodin) moebar621@yahoo.com 17 Monaco Place
September, Augsust (Augie)


2153 Bergen St.
Sisto, Maria  (Maietta) mmcandy1955@hotmail.com 2349 Pacific St.
Stasi, Peter sta495@verizon.net 136 Sackman St.
Terrasi, Terry DrTerryTirrito@aol.com 2319 Pacific St. 

Taylor, Carolyn (Vignola)

2451 Dean St.
Tannuzzo, Salvatore  (Sally Boy) stoney1124@yahoo.com 138 Sackman St.
Velez, Hector hector@festival.com 2449 Dean St.
Wieland, Veronica (Benvenuto) ronjon2@earthlink.net 273 Stone Ave.
Zaffuto, Vinnie (Dell Italia) vincentz12@hotmail.com 1451 Herkimer St.
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Contact pi4dom@aol.com

Dominick Mondelli (Donny)